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A day I will never forget

Saturday, January 14th, 2023, is a date that will stay with me forever. I attended my first Abraham Hicks workshop at the Hilton Hotel in San Diego with my amazing partner. I had been listening to Abraham Hicks for a little bit over a year, and I always wanted to attend one of her live workshops. Every morning, I start my day off by listening to her videos on YouTube as I capture the energy, vibration, and message she's emitting. I apply her message into my life, and I have found amazing results. One afternoon in November I was listening to one of her videos, and I heard her say "San Diego."

Something told me to go to her page, and look up her upcoming workshops. I saw that she was going to be in San Diego in January of 2023. The sign couldn't have been more clearer. My partner is also an avid fan of Abraham, and the image of both of us attending this workshop lite up my heart + body + soul.

"Tend to your point of attraction, and catch it at the emotional stage." - Abraham Hicks

The week leading up to the workshop I began to feel a sense of calmness, relaxation, excitement, excitement,and focus. It was like the universe was providing me with a small glimpse of what to expect. This usually happens the days leading up to ceremony. This made me super excited, and eager to experience the magic I was set to experience. This just emphasised that I was on the right path. I began to experience synchronicities and connecting with people who were on the same vibration as I was.

The day before, I went to a potluck at a very dear friends house with whom I hadn't seen in months. While there, I saw another friend whom I also haven't seen in as many months as well, and he opened up to me that he was going to see Abraham Hicks tomorrow! I knew that the next day would be a special one.

The night of the potluck I told my friend that I had a feeling that I would be called to be in the "hot seat" with Abraham Hicks. As the day of the of the workshop finally arrived, I was calm, and collected as we drove from Carlsbad to Downtown San Diego. I didn't even feel the urge to think about what question I should ask when called. I knew it would come at the perfect time, and it would be Wonderfull.

One by one, hands were raised by the audience. As each person sat in the "hot seat" with Abraham, each question fine tuned the question I was to ask. It was 2:15 pm, and I heard a voice that said, "Get ready, you are next." As soon as the person left the "hot seat" I raised my hand alongside a huge smile on my face. Abraham pointed at me, and said, "You, come on up." I stood up, and as I walked towards her I felt like I was walking on clouds. I could not feel the floor beneath my feet. I sat down in the "hot seat," and I said "first time caller, longtime listener." Abraham responded, "Oh, we've known each other for a very long time."

I could've left the workshop after hearing that, and I would've been more than satisfied. I mean, how could you top that? As I asked my question, and opened my heart to receive the feedback and information from Abraham, I was in a state of complete, and utter bliss. The aura, the frequency, and the vibration I felt from her was unlike any other. I understood her message by the energy, and frequency emanating from her. I didn't pay much attention to the words she was saying because It would delay the download I was receiving. The best way I can explain what I was experiencing is the feeling when sat in ceremony. This time, I didn't need the medicine.

"Be present, and satisfied with the 'is,' and be eager for more."

The man that left the workshops is different to the one that entered. I was reborn . I died, and a new me came out. The path is clearer than it ever was before. It's as if the glasses I was wearing were dirty, and Abraham provided me with the cloth needed to clean them. As always, the help and support is around us, and all we have to do is ask, and you shall receive. But it is up to us. It's always been up to us.

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