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A mindful Thanksgiving with me, myself, and Juan's

Updated: Mar 28, 2021


Due to the plandemic, my family decided not to get together for Thanksgiving, and rather everyone spends it amongst their respective family household. As soon as I heard the news, an idea popped into my head. What if I eat mushrooms and invite all my ancestors for a spiritual Thanksgiving at my own place? The original plan was to drive to Joshua Tree, but everything was reserved. Well, "what a marvelous idea you have there," I said to myself with a huge smile. The last time I tried psychedelics was in Joshua Tree in 2017 with my former partner, her roommate, and a friend of her roommate's. That was an amazing and experience! A couple of hours into the experience, my former partner began to tell me she could see my body shift across all spectrums of life, from the present age to late in my life. While her roommate wanted to go on a hike by herself when sunset was less than an hour away. And the friend began to grab the firewood from the car and set it on the bonfire pit. So, you can imagine what I was dealing with!

As the big day was getting closer, I was thinking of what questions should ask my ancestors: Should I ask them for guidance or would that be considered cheating? Maybe get some hints as to what to expect from the future or what should I begin to work on now, so I won't be caught with my pants down 5-10 years from now? Who will be coming? Should I have some food out for them? In the morning I went to Coronado for an early morning surf session followed by a beach run on at the Pacific Beach boardwalk. Afterward, head back for some breath work and restorative yoga. I wanted self-care time prior to my psychedelic adventure. Practicing self-care is SUPER IMPORTANT in my life. Every day, I either surf/breathwork/run or yoga/breathwork/run throughout the day. It includes what I eat (organic products), what I watch (only shows with mental stimulation, i.e.., Gaia), what I listen to (self-improvement and holistic podcasts), and what I read (at least one book a month!). Once I finished my self-care activities, I made myself an antioxidant smoothie with a side salad (high vibrational foods for a high vibrational moment).

As you can see, I set an intention prior to having a psychedelic experience. I try to be as mindful as possible throughout the day, even when I'm taking my morning poop. While sitting on my throne, rather than scrolling social media apps on my iPhone I'm reading a Yoga Journal or Psychology Today magazine. This took me years to accomplish, don't want to sound like I was born with this superhero ability! Of course, I am not like this 7/24, 365 days a year. I have my human moments as well. But, when I have those moments when I catch myself falling through the rabbit hole, I stop and ask myself: "What is the purpose of me doing this? Do I want to disconnect for a couple of minutes and have the hamster in my brain take a break? If so, that is ok, as long as I am mindful of the consequences it comes with"

After spending close to an hour cleansing my apartment with sage and palo santo, I prepared myself a peanut butter and mushroom sandwich prior to my guest's arrival. I was excited to see who would come, and what insight I was to receive. To my amazement, what transpired over the next six hours was beautifully and blissfully unexpected. The effects of psychedelics started to take effect an hour or so after taking them. One by one my guests began to arrive. The entities were past versions of myself during this lifetime as well as from past lives. Each one relayed a message: "The person you are today is because of the sacrifices and decisions we made for YOU!"There were no WRONG decisions, the path you took was the one you were to venture," "You are blessed with amazing gifts and qualities for a reason, and you will find out why!" "Everything you have been asking and manifesting is here for the taking!"

A flood of emotions, visions, thoughts filled my mind. I began to connect the dots one by one. I began to fill in the blanks where there were "what if's." As soon as the connection was made, I felt as if a block lifted from my heart and when I turned towards my past brother he began to fade away with a smile. Juan after the other they vanished, but with a message: "Don't be sad, we are always with you." The second mind-blowing moment I had while on mushrooms was prior to falling asleep, I Astro traveled through an enormous amount of galaxies until I reached a nerve cell. I slept throughout the night and woke up refreshed. As I prepared my coffee, I noticed a three-ring notebook with words and sentences written. I journaled my experience while living the experience! GOOD IDEA PAST JUAN! They all had the same message the entities shared with me.

I have noticed a difference since that day. I feel clairvoyant, more patient, more sensitive to the energies within around me, more mindful, an increase in the awareness of my actions, and the consequences that come with it. I increased my meditation time from 15 minutes to 20 minutes (3 a day), breathwork from 20 minutes to 25 minutes (once a day), and decreased the amount of my daily protein intake. The downloads and upgrades I received left me vulnerable to malevolent entities. I am not talking solely about energies, sports, or ghosts. I am also referring to the entities also known as procrastination, helplessness, self-sabotage, etc. By tuning in to my body and listening to what it asks, I activated the Parasympathetic Nervous System "rest and digest" to help me heal from the inside out. After a long and intense workout, are you going to stop by Carls Jr. and order the double-western six-dollar burger, with large fries, a large coke, a side of chili cheese fries, and two chocolate chip cookies? On the contrary, you want to eat something healthy to reap the benefits of your workout! Well, the same applies here!

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once said: "Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you what you are." The emotions that go through your heart after you experience a once-in-a-lifetime meal is impossible to describe unless you experience it. Since going 100% organic, my grocery spending actually decreased because I don't need to eat as much. I am satiated by eating fewer portions of food due to the freshness and unadulterated process of the ingredients. The theme continues, mindfulness in all aspects of life. From the moment I open my eyes to the last eye-blink... How mindful and aware can I be?

Namaste mindful peeps!

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