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Five Minute Eggs Benedict!

At the beginning of the plandemic, I had to find alternative and creative activities to keep me occupied. I am the type of person who enjoys, scratch that, NEEDS to be active. I have trouble being stagnant. When my mind and body sit still, the anxiety train kicks the door open sending me straight down the rabbit hole. The mind is flustered, my heart races, I have trouble breathing, and the weight of the world hinder on my shoulders. Because of course, I need to solve all this myself RIGHT NOW! (insert sarcastic low tone of voice)

Since we couldn't be outside, I decided to take the money I would use for going out, and achieve my lifelong dream of going full organic when shopping for groceries (adulting checklist). This decision sparked creativity skills I didn't know I had. I began to play around with food combinations and try out new recipes. All of a sudden, the cooking shows I had watched over the years were finally put to good use! Before, I would skip breakfast and rather drink coffee until my stomach trembled because of hunger, or due to the gallons of caffeine I swallowed. I chose extra sleep rather than cooking breakfast.

I thought to myself, when I go back to work, I want to continue to have delicious meals. I don't want to go back to before, I CAN'T! How can I come up with healthy recipes under 15-minutes? With organic ingredients? Providing me with the energy needed to kickstart my day but giving my body healthy fuel that will increase my vibration and consciousness? YUP!!!


  • Pasteurized cage-free eggs

  • Organic avocados

  • Organic cheese (optional)

  • Canadian ham (optional)

  • Everything but the begal seasoning (Trader Joe's)

  • Organic bread


  • Bring water to a boil, then reduce to low (I recommend to taste the bread while boiling the water). Break the egg over a small bowl and remove the liquid whites. Add a tablespoon of a light-colored vinegar to the pot of water and create a vortex with the whisker. Pour in the egg on the boiling pan, and let it sit for 3 minutes.

  • While eggs are poaching, spread avocado over the bread. Option to add cheese and/or ham.

  • Once the 3-minute timer goes off, scoop eggs and place them over avocado toast.

  • Sprinkle everything but the bagel seasoning, and enjoy!

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