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Mindful Omelette + Antioxidant Juice

Hey peeps! I want to share with you this easy and amazing dish you can prepare yourself to start off your day with high vibes. With the price of produce increasing as each day goes by, rather than dwelling on the negativity, I asked myself how can I take advantage of this opportunity? How can I feed my body with as many healthy and yummy nutrients and get the most out of my day?

This meal took me about 10 minutes to prepare with all ingredients coming from Sprouts. It took me more time to clean than the preparation and ingestion combined! All the ingredients are organic. I now that organic ingredients are "expensive," but I made the decision long to invest on what I eat to prevent illnesses, rather than reacting to them. Just like when I had my spiritual awakening 7 years ago, I can't and I will not go back to eating processed and GMOs just to save $25!

Spring of 2020 is when I went full-organic when buying groceries. Since then, I have noticed my food intake decrease and my vibration/energy increase with each day that goes by. Now, the amount of money spent on groceries is high (between $120 - $140 a week), and that limits me to eat at restaurants. But, I cook better than most of the restaurants out there, and I am conscious of the ingredients and energy I put into my food. I have noticed a difference in my mental health. By tuning into my body and listening to what it asks, I felt felt a genuine re-connection with myself that has been missing. Below are the ingredients I used for the omelette and for the juice:


  • Pasteurised Organic Eggs.

  • Organic Heirloom Tomatoes.

  • Organic Arugula.

  • Organic Mushrooms.

  • Organic Grass-Fed Red Cheddar.

  • Organic Bell Peppers.


  • Organic Carrots.

  • Organic Apples.

  • Organic Oranges.

  • Organic Kiwis.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar,

  • Raw Honey.

  • Turmeric.

I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe even trying out this dish! I would love to read your thoughts and reactions to the blog and recipe. Have a great rest of your day. As always, sending love and light to you.


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